How it started

Our Story

It all started in 1990 when my dad unexpectedly brought home a Great Dane pup. While visiting a client for work, he found out they had a pup they could not keep. At that time, Paco was already 6 months old and he was traumatized because of ill-treatment by his first owner. 
My parents decided to adopt him anyway. Inspired by my parents, my aunt also bought her first Great Dane. When my mom was pregnant of me, my parents did not want to take the risk to keep Paco, he was not 100% reliable because of his trauma.   
It was hard on them, but they chose to find another home for him. Meanwhile, in my early days, I could still enjoy being around Patch, my aunt’s Great Dane.


The early days

Unfortunately, Patch only lived for 4 years ( sudden bacterial infection). His loss made my family say “no more Great Danes”. We lose them much too early.
My grandparents also had dogs their entire life (shepherds). So, the love for dogs was all around me.

My passion


I went horseback riding for many years. Always loved all animals, but “large” animals in particular.   
Meanwhile, in 2011, after much and long wining from my side, I finally got my own Great Dane puppy !


Dances with Wolves

Of course, I needed to carefully chose her name, because that is very important to me.

I used to watch with my dad his favourite movie “Dancing with Wolves”, and we also had a CD of the movie, mentioning TATANKA on the cover. 
Tatanka is Indian for “bison”.  The movie was filmed in South Dakota, and the Indians there also Spoke Dakota.
I suddenly knew this had to be her name.  

Her sun has set,
but my passion kept growing.


The pain I felt with her loss, I never felt before. You will understand me for sure.
I would have loved to do shows with her, but at that time, I was still too young, no finances, no job, studying, etc.
While Tatanka was getting older, I decided to take in a second Great Dane puppy. I wanted Tatanka to raise and educate the little one. She was so good with other dogs. But one morning, when I wanted to feed her, I found out her soul was already gone. She died in her sleep, totally unexpected. My worst nightmare became reality…
Within the next 24 hours, I got a phone call. My new puppy was born! This was a sign. Tatanka gave me a new life!  
Our little Buddha was born, healthy and handsome.    

Buddha & shiva

a new chapter

This was an emotional rollercoaster, the loss and the new life both at the same time.
Today, Buddha is no longer little and cute, but a great, tall handsome Dane. His life would not be complete without a gracious lady at his side. That is how we got our Queen Shiva.
These two are inseparable and a great duo. They complete each other perfectly. And they certainly live up to their names.

At Tanka’s Hof we cherish the beauty of the Great Dane breed.
Plunge into the world of our gentle giants.


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